Is Klaus Schwab Headed Back to Hell?

Rumours are swirling that Klaus Schwab is gravely ill in a Swiss hospital. If so, the 86-year-old founder of the World Economic Forum could be the latest of Satan's ageing minions to be called home.

Schwab has faced criticism in recent years for his handling of the WEF, both in terms of his annual $1 Million salary and profiteering on contracts, and for failing to designate a successor. There is speculation that, as with George Soros, one of his children will take over the lucrative business.

The huge numbers of people who are aware of the WEF's central role in the Net Zero and Covid attacks on humanity will all surely make a little holiday in their hearts if the news emerges that this monster has indeed run out of adrenochrome road before transhumanist technology allowed him to become a Dalek!

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