Is Covid 19 Racist?

Public Health England has released its latest Report on Covid 19.

The very illness coined as so dangerous that it stopped the world economy and has possibly destroyed future prospects for an entire generation.

The Report shows age remains the biggest 'risk factor'.

But if you strip out age and sex, people of minority ethnicity have twice the risk of death than people of white British ethnicity.

The analysis on ethnicity and risk did not consider a person's occupation or obesity, even though both are known risk factors for getting seriously ill with coronavirus.

So is this illness really racist?

No of course not, the problem is that for years the government have had a disproportionate number of ethnic minorities working in our health service.

Unfortunately, it is not affordable for most Brits to train and work in our health service.

This must be addressed by the British government and they must do all they can to ensure these extra Jobs provided as a result of the virus are filled with capable young people who would likely other wise end up on stuck in the benefits system.

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