Iraq Veterans in New Brain Damage Epidemic

They want to conscript a whole generation into their war machine, but NATO, their political bosses and media assets are presiding over a massive cover-up of a devastating new type of brain injury which is affecting thousands of veterans from their last illegal and immoral war - Iraq. They are deliberately hiding the conclusion of a bombshell report that nearly a quarter of the veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury.

Hundreds of thousands of young men in the United States – many with wives and small children – have sustained traumatic brain injuries. Many still function in their day to day lives, but suffered irritability, frequent headaches, and a feeling of disconnection from their family and friends. On the extreme end of the scale are the completely disabled, doomed to spend the rest of their lives in  hospital psychiatric wards. The condition is also implicated in the shocking suicide rate - around a dozen deaths every single day -  among US army veterans.

Despite total media silence, the problem has been known about since 2017, when Lindquist, Love, et al. published “Traumatic Brain Injury in Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans: New Results from a National Random Sample Study.” As the opening of the report states:

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) has been called a “signature injury” of Iraq and Afghanistan Conflicts. The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC) reports nearly 350,000 incident diagnoses of TBI in the U.S. military since 2000. Among those deployed, estimated rates of probable TBI range from 11–23%.

The NATO militaries were, apparently, completely unprepared for roadside bombs constructed to focus the blast on particular sections of road as a convoy is passing by. It isn’t some much shrapnel and other missiles striking the head as the supersonic, explosive shockwave that does the brain damage. 

This seems to be the new factor which has piled on top of the shell shock and PTSD recognised even in previous conflicts. Rising levels of cancer among Iraq veterans, meanwhile, appear linked to the use of huge numbers of deplete uranium shells. Despite the evidence from the American study, the very existence of the TBI problem has been completely buried in the UK.

Despite the UK warmongers' outrageous contempt for vulnerable veterans, it all points to 21st Century warfare being deadly dangerous to serving troops not only while they are on the front line but also - if they survive a Ukraine-style meat-grinder at all - once they finally get home. If the US and UK are dragged into Israel's war for total hegemony in the Middle East, then the conflict with Iran will be very much worse than Iraq, since Iran is far bigger, has three times the population and has far more high-tech explosive weaponry.

The unique dangers of such a conflict should be a key factor in an informed national debate about the conscription threat, with those who plan to draft a new generation of cannon-fodder compelled to account for - and properly care for - the hundreds of thousands of injured victims of their last two 'minor' wars. 

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