Humza Yousaf's Abortion Holocaust

Scotland is fast becoming a doomsday dystopia where everyone is welcome except pro-lifers, Christians, traditional patriots and unborn children.

The new government of Humza Yousaf would like you to believe that Scotland is such an ‘open’ and ‘tolerant’ country to live in, as long as you don’t happen to be an unborn child or share pro-life convictions in public.

Yousaf plans to legalise the killing of unborn children up to birth along with sex-selective abortion.

Before his rise to Scotland’s political throne, Yousaf stated: “I’m supporting calls” for “bringing forward decriminalisation proposals in current parliament term”, “improving access to abortion up to 24 weeks” and for “unequivocal support for buffer zones”. He also generously offered to “fund clinician training” for new abortionists with taxpayers' money.

Despite millions of citizens across the UK being strongly opposed to the ritual of sanitised child sacrifice known as ‘abortion’ or ‘pregnancy termination’, our tax money is unjustly ploughed into the murderous industry. Both have to stop.

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