Highway Robbery - Sadiq Khan Targets Heathrow Flyers

London's anti-normal London mayor has a new target in his tax-raising rampage and war on motorists - holiday makers driving to Heathrow Airport. Thousands of Britons flying from Heathrow may have to pay a 'hidden' new fee for travelling in and out of the airport from this summer, the AA has warned.  

The AA raised concerns many people planning to drive to and from Heathrow for holidays are 'blind to the new ULEZ charges' set to be imposed and warns that the airport is failing to alert passengers to the changes. 

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is expanding the ultra low emission zone to cover the whole of the capital from August 29 "to boost air quality", with a £12.50 daily fee for vehicles not meeting minimum standards. Transport for London (TfL) estimates that more than 200,000 drivers of non-compliant vehicles will be affected.

Heathrow will be part of the extended zone - and travellers driving to the airport will have to pay the fee both in and out of the airport from this date - a total of £25. 

Jack Cousens, head of roads policy for the AA, told the Telegraph: 'Drivers and taxi firms from outside London will be hit with a hidden charge, so Heathrow, TfL, and travel agents need to ensure they tell holidaymakers about the charge.' 

A spokeswoman for the mayor said ULEZ expansion is 'absolutely necessary' to reduce deaths from 'toxic air'. The truth, of course, is that the elite's war on motorists is driven by a mixture of greed for tax money and the red-green dogma which hates private transport. On top of all that, the entire political elite is hell-bent on driving ordinary people like us into Third World levels of poverty in order to 'shrink our carbon footprint'.

"You'll own nothing and go nowhere".

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