Government still refuse to release Grooming Gang Review

The horrors of the child grooming scandal in Britain have been unfolding over the past few years and people have become aware of the truly colossal scale of this epidemic.

Across the nation we have learned of sustained systematic targeting, grooming and sexual abuse of British children.

Cases have been revealed from decades ago, all of which were covered up by police and social services who feared being called ‘racist’.

It has now been admitted by the authorities involved in this scandalous cover up that the reason they feared being labelled racist is because the perpetrators of these heinous acts are predominantly Pakistani Muslim men and their victims were predominantly white British girls.

So, as more and more people became aware of these facts, we, the people of Britain demanded more and more answers.

Then came an official review, finally the government were going to give us some answers, or so we thought.

Sajid Javid first who was Home Secretary at the time, promised a review in July 2018 and said that abusers convicted in high-profile cases had been “disproportionately from a Pakistani background”.

But still, in April 2020, after countless demands, petitions and campaigns, the government are STILL refusing to release the review to the British public.

This week, I received a response from the Government to a petition I signed demanding the government: Release the Home Office's Grooming Gang Review in full.

‘The Government is refusing to release official research on the characteristics of grooming gangs, claiming it is not in the “public interest”.

We, the British public, demand the release of the official research on grooming gangs undertaken by the Government in full.

It has been revealed earlier this year that an almost 19,000 suspected child sexual exploitation victims were identified by local authorities in just one year.

Sajid Javid promised the review as Home Secretary in July 2018, pledging that there would be “no no-go areas of inquiry”.

“I will not let cultural or political sensitivities get in the way of understanding the problem and doing something about it,” he said at the time.

I was one of approximately one hundred and twenty thousand people to have signed the petition and therefore received a response.

For those of you did not receive the Governments response to our request, here it is:

Tackling child sexual abuse is this Government’s priority. Any insights gained from our internal work will inform our future action to end this devastating abuse, including the forthcoming Strategy.

Child sexual abuse is a truly horrendous crime that shatters the lives of victims and their families. This Government has made it our mission to protect the most vulnerable in our society, and we will continue to work tirelessly at every level to protect children, support victims and stamp out offending.

Our approach is simple: we will do everything in our power to help those at risk and to leave offenders with no place to hide.

First, we have improved support for those who have suffered this appalling crime. We have increased funding for specialist local services for victims of sexual violence from £8 million to £12 million a year. Those affected have our unequivocal support, so we have also doubled our Support for Victims and Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse fund to £1.2 million, to help charities do more to help people across the country.

Second, the vile offenders preying on our children must face justice. The Home Office continues to support and drive improvements in the police response to child sexual abuse. We have prioritised this horrific crime as a national threat to ensure offenders face the full force of the law and provided significant Police Transformation Fund investment to improve the police response. Group offending must be eradicated, and we continue to provide Special Grant funding to forces carrying out major child sexual exploitation investigations.

Last September, we announced an additional £30 million to strengthen our mission to take down the worst offenders and safeguard and support victims. We continue to look for ways to do more and are developing a cross-government Child Sexual Abuse Strategy to ensure the whole system works for victims. The Strategy will set out how we will work across all sectors - including government, law enforcement, safeguarding and industry - to stop offenders in their tracks, and to help victims and survivors rebuild their lives.

Group-based child sexual exploitation is a particularly repugnant form of abuse that has a devasting impact on villages, towns and communities, particularly where it has gone on for years. These unthinkable crimes tear neighbourhoods apart and leave lasting scars that go beyond the direct victims. Extremists may also seek to exploit legitimate concerns to sow further division. The Government will continue to challenge these views and to help communities unite.

Child sexual abusers come from all walks of life, and from many different age groups, communities, ethnicities and faiths. Abuse is abuse, and misplaced sensitivities must never be allowed to put any child at risk. We are clear that police forces must continue to fully investigate these heinous crimes whenever and wherever they occur, and to ensure that anyone found responsible is prosecuted.

To help end this terrible form of abuse, the Home Office has been investigating the characteristics of group-based child sexual exploitation. It is right, proper and routine for the Government to carry out internal fact-finding work as part of policy development, as we do across a range of crime threats. Any insights gained from this important internal work will be used to inform our future action to end this devastating abuse, including the forthcoming Strategy.

Our research will help us better understand offending, to help prevent these vile crimes. Key findings will inform our own work, action at a local level, and law enforcement action to catch those responsible for this horrific abuse.

As part of our work, we have completed a review of existing literature. We have spoken to investigators and safeguarding professionals to better explore the challenges in investigating these crimes and their understanding of the offenders and victims of group-based child sexual exploitation.

The Government appreciates public interest in this matter and shares the nation’s outrage and determination to end this atrocious form of abuse. Mistakes have undoubtedly been made in the past and must never be allowed to happen again.

We will continue to work relentlessly to understand and end all forms of child sexual abuse. The most vulnerable in our society deserve our protection and we will work tirelessly to keep them safe and to bring their tormentors to justice.

Home Office'

NOWHERE in that reply from the government do they actually answer our demand for the review to be made public.

What it does instead is refer to the review as ‘internal’ and goes on to excuse its blatant and ongoing refusal to publish the review by claiming 'Extremists may also seek to exploit legitimate concerns to sow further division. The government will continue to challenge these views and to help communities unite.'

What an absolutely disgraceful cop out.

Lets get real for a minute, if the review concluded that even half of the perpetrators were white British men, the Home Office would have had it laminated and delivered to every household in Britain to point out that there are good and bad in every community.

Which, of course there are, but it is an undisputed fact, backed up by countless testimonies of police officers, social services staff AND abused children themselves, that the men committing these crimes were predominantly Pakistani Muslims.

Not Asians, as the mainstream media like to say.

These men are not Sikhs from India or Buddhists from Sri Lanka or Hindus from Nepal, they are Pakistani Muslim men preying on British girls.

This is just the latest act of utter contempt shown by the British government towards the hundreds of thousands of British children who have been groomed, raped and tortured by these monsters.

The government have the blood of our children on their hands and this grooming is still happening in almost every town across the UK.

The British Freedom Party can assure you right now that we will NEVER give up the fight for justice for each and every one of the children who have already been and are yet to be subjected to the horrors of a grooming gangs.

The British establishment have aided and abetted child abuse for far too long, it is time they were held to account.

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