Truth Classic - Gods of Their Own Religion Trailer

A devastating and beautifully filmed broadside against technocrat tyranny is going to hit cinema screens shortly. The hypnotic and thought-provoking 'Gods of Their Own Religion' is a visionary portrait of a futuristic Britain. This crucial subject allows young UK-based director Naeem Mahmood to show off his talents.

Gods of Their Own Religion is a dark dystopian fairy tale for the post-pandemic era. Indirectly, it also raises questions for traditionalist Christians and white nationalists: How much has the blatant globalist power grab shifted our world? Who are our worst enemies? Where might we find new allies? If 'divide and rule' is a tool in the locker of tyrants, how do we resist it while at the same time staying true to our fundamental principles and the interests of our people?

Whatever you think about those questions, this is clearly a film worth watching out for.

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