Get Your Priorities Right!

Defend Britain's borders, or train Ukrainian terror squads? That's the choice Rishi Sunak had - but no prizes for guessing which he did! In another example of the political elites warped priorities, they've got it wrong yet again!

On the very same day that the figure for Dover's small boat invaders reached 100,000, it emerged yesterday that British commandos have trained nearly 1,000 Ukrainian marines to conduct sneak terror attacks on Russian targets.

The troops will be flown back to Ukraine in the coming days after being taught by Britain's elite Royal Marines and Army Commandos. They have learned how to conduct beach raids using inflatable boats.

They were based in the UK for six months while they were trained by 42 Commando, 47 Commando Raiding Group, 24 Commando Royal Engineers and 29 Commando, Royal Artillery.

Too bad that our special forces and taxes can't be used to defend OUR borders, instead of being misused to interfere in a border quarrel thousands of miles away that has NOTHING to do with us!


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