Get a Grip on the Courts

Every day seems to bring a fresh case of extremely dangerous and evil criminals stalking our streets after early release from ur ever-softer "justice" system.

Today's example is of a paranoid schizophrenic who was handed an indefinite psychiatric hospital order for savagely kicking a female custody officer to death has been pictured strolling the streets unsupervised after he was freed after just two years. 

Dressed in a blue T-shirt and loose fitting tracksuits, the average member of the public could have no idea that the bearded Humphrey Burke was only recently incarcerated for the brutal killing of Lorraine Barwell in 2015. 

The killer, 30, has also seen working out unsupervised in a packed boxing gym and casually strolling to the shops to pick up his groceries. 

Burke, 28  caused Lorraine Barwell 'catastrophic' brain injuries by twice kicking her in the head 'like a football'. Absurdly, he was able to avoid a murder rap by admitting manslaughter by diminished responsibility. This is another of the ways in which the legal system allows vicious killers to escape justice and spit in the faces of their victims' grieving families.

He was handed an indefinite hospital order at the Old Bailey in January last year - the same sentence given to Nottingham stabbing killer Valdo Calocane, who also avoided a murder conviction by pleading madness. 

Just like the families of Calocane's Nottingham rampage Ms Barwell's relatives say they believed he would never be released.

Lorraine's brother Paul Kirkley, 53, told The Sun: 'How can Burke stamp my sister to death and just be out in the supermarket and going to the gym years later like nothing has happened?

'We wanted a murder conviction at the time and look at what's happened. As soon as they get diminished [responsibility verdict], they are on an easy life. That's not justice for my sister. 

'It's the same for the poor families of those Nottingham victims — they are rightfully furious about what has gone on. They will now see this and be living in fear that the monster who took their family will be back on the streets in years.'

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