Is Gaza 'Genocide' a Pilot Scheme for Us All?

Is what is happening in Gaza simply another phase in the long-running Zionist operation to ethnically cleanse Israel and establish their exclusively Jewish state? Or is there more to it all than that? 

Is the bombing and starvation of the Gaza Strip a massive experiment in human enslavement and behavioural engineering? 2.3 million civilians have been dubbed "animals" and are being systematically displaced and / or exterminated?

After all, the chief ideologue of the WEF's 'Great Reset' is an Israeli 'academic', the the global elite is heavily dominated by ultra-wealthy and powerful members of the same 'minority'. Wouldn't it be convenient for them to get rid of their local enemies while at the same time perfecting a much wider human enslavement and extermination model - one that will power "15-minute cities" and human extermination camps?

From the 1970s and the Club of Rome, right through to Davos and the WEF, Henry Kissinger, Klaus Schwab and their fellow elite criminals have made little effort to conceal their and his fellow WEF criminals have made no secret of their desire to bring about a massive and rapid reduction in the population of our planet.

There's only so far that they can get with promoting abortion, birth control, homosexuality, toxic jabs and so on. But the lessons they'll learn from Gaza could help speed things up massively. Are we going to see the tactics rolled out that will be pushed by depopulation globalists as the next phase of human extermination gets under way?

If so, everything learned from this pilot programme will next be deployed against all of us. This might not be the case, but would you bet on that?

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