Farage Report Whitewash

Nigel Farage lashed out today after a 'whitewash' report ruled that NatWest did not break the law when it shut down his account with toffs' bank Coutts.

An independent review of the actions of NatWest Group ruled that while there were 'serious failings' in the way he was 'debanked', it was mainly a commercial decision.

The former Ukip leader, now a television presenter, was dropped in June by private bank Coutts, which is used by aristocrats and royalty and is owned by NatWest. He said it was over his 'right-wing' views.

It led to the resignation of NatWest chief executive Dame Alison Rose after she admitted breaching privacy rules by briefing a BBC reporter about his account.

NatWest apologised again to Mr Farage this morning after the review by law firm Travers Smith found failings but said NatWest's decision was lawful and predominately commercial.

In a statement, Mr Farage said: 'Travers Smith has taken a very mealy-mouthed approach to this complex issue. The law firm argues that my political views 'not aligning with those of the bank' was not in itself a political decision. This is laughable.

The report is the first stage of a probe that was commissioned by the NatWest board in July.

The City regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, said the report 'has highlighted potential regulatory breaches and a number of areas for improvement'.

While Farage and the media made a huge fuss over his 'debanking' from Coutts and its implications for freedom and democracy, no mention has been made of the way in which all the UK's main banks conspired together way back in 2000 to close down more than 100 British National Party bank accounts. Farage and the media have also said nothing about the more recent withdrawal of banking and other services from Jayda Fransen and many other critics of the elite's liberal 'values' and the many dire problems they have imposed on millions of ordinary people.

Of course it was wrong that Farage was debanked, but it's equally wrong to pretend that he was the only such victim of liberal bigotry and totalitarianism.

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