'Failed Asylum Seeker' on trial for murdering and chopping up British woman

A man accused of murdering a British woman and dismembering her body is a 'failed asylum seeker'.

Azam Mangori of Iraq is on trial accused of killing Lorraine Cox before chopping up her body into seven pieces over a week-long period.

Mangori, 24, gave police a false name when officers arrived at his flat to arrest him.

He also gave false information about where he was born and his date of birth.   

However the suspect's fingerprints matched those held by German authorities since 2016 of Azam Mangori and UK Home Office records confirmed he was a failed asylum seeker who had been living in Exeter. 

A tenant who lived next to Mangori said there was a strong smell in the days after a Ms Cox went missing.

Exeter Crown Court heard Mangori had gone out around 2am on the morning of 1st September and spotted 32 year old Lorraine Cox as she walked home alone.  

The court heard he had sex with her in an alleyway and then took her to his room where he killed her.

Prosecutor Simon Laws QC said Mangori then went about covering his tracks and used her sim card to make out that she was still alive as worried friends and family searched for her. 

The sim card was later found under a drain cover near the kebab shop, and in an alleyway next to the shop police later found taped black bins containing parts of her body.

Mr Laws also said Mangori bought cleaning materials and searched websites in a bid to help him get away with his crime. 

The prosecutor told jurors that after looking at the website about 'how to dig a grave by hand' Mangori was seen on CCTV buying a trowel. 

The court heard ten days before he killed he had bought a large kitchen knife he would later use to cut up her body.

Azam Mangori is one of countelss illegal immigrants who, despite being refused asylum, are still living in the United Kingdom.

When police showed Mangori a CCTV image of him with Ms Cox he said he did not think he was the man in the image and he had never brought a woman back to his flat, telling them he was gay.

The court had previously heard that Mangori had attempted to contact both male and female escorts that night before leaving his flat and encountering Ms Cox.   

The trial continues. 

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