Facemasks? How to say 'NO'

They want you back wearing a mask like a good little Sheep! As we wrote the other day, the mainstream media are shilling hard for a new 'covid plague', complete with lockdowns, jabs and - of course - masks.
You may not know this, but the British Freedom Party was launched specifically to fight against the tyranny we experienced during the 'Covid Plandemic'.
From the very start of the Covid Scamdemic, BFP has sending people FREFace Mask Exempt Cards and Lanyards
With the threat returning, now's a great time to claim yours and send a send a clear message: NO MORE MASKS! See the advert on the revolving banner above. If Sunak does announce a return to masks, our supply is likely to run out VERY quickly, so order yours today and get ready for the next round in the fight against globalist tyranny!
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