Exclusive: Jayda Fransen and Nick Griffin on Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show.

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  • Rogue Mayhem
    commented 2020-12-30 10:41:05 +0000
    Great, news jayda has gone solo, and launched her new party and is going to be a YouTube sensation!
    But she will have to be prepared, like redice tv, and patriotic alternative,
    Who All have multiple broadcast channel sources in place, like Dlive bitchute etc, to thwart the gulag commissars
    Who are out to silence free speech, and herd us all into their planned matrix.

    I’m myself like jayda, orig from south east London (Greenwich).

    Jayda is a fighter, a good orator, speaks the truth, is a true patriot!

    And also, may i say, jayda is a very beautiful and attractive woman.

    All these quality’s makes her a winner!

    Support jayda and the bfp, and all fight back against the EUssr, the commie Marxist NaZis, the femiNazi anti white traitors, and the globalist WEF klaus Schwab fourth reich facist GANG who are behind the phony covid hoax pandemic to enslave us all!

    Rogue Mayhem
  • Jayda Fransen
    published this page in Videos 2020-12-29 12:39:37 +0000
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