Energy Crisis - Blame the Elite, Not Putin!

They're lying to us all yet again! The Tories have announced that they're set to blow £25 million on a patronising advertising campaign lecturing us about how to cut down on our energy use.

MPs and celebrities will appear on broadcast adverts and on social media, telling the public to cut down on using their boilers, switch off radiators in empty rooms and opt for showers over baths, The Times reported.

The government say that drastic cuts in our energy use are necessary to "stop Vladimir Putin blackmailing Britain", but the truth is that their plans for dealing with blackouts were put in place BEFORE the war in Ukraine. That's because they knew that the 'green agenda' imposed on us by the entire political elite had already done so much damage to our energy industry that power shortages - and huge price increases - were already INEVITABLE.

Of course, blaming the Russians for the impact of Western sanctions imposed on Russia is typical of the dishonesty of the Westminster parties, and the absurdity of the claim shows just how much they hold us ordinary Brits in contempt. They think we're all complete idiots.

But even that isn't as dishonest as trying to blame Putin for the impact of their twenty year campaign to replace reliable and cheap British coal with innately unreliable and hideously expensive wind and solar power. Because the energy disaster which is going to hit us all this winter is entirely self-inflicted. Thousands of elderly people are going to die this winter, while the rest of us are being ripped off and facing the very real possibility of hugely disruptive rolling power cuts. And the only people to blame are the political elite - and the fools who keep voting for them!

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