Dutch Election Results - Our Take on Wilders

Liberals are squealing about the Dutch election victory of #GeertWilders. Should nationalists celebrate?

On the plus side, he's been elected partly on a promise to stop military aid to Ukraine, on hostility to the socialist EU and because voters think he'll stop immigration. On the minus, he's another Meloni, the woman Prime Minister who got elected in Italy on an anti-immigration platform, and opened the gates even wider as soon as she was in power (just like Maggie thatcher in 1979, as it happens!)

Just watch as the anti-immigration rhetoric & election pledges that got him elected are watered down & dropped in the scramble to form a coalition. Politicians betray their voters' hopes; it's the nature of the beast.

The only thing guaranteed is that he'll put Holland even more firmly behind Israel, & that the result will push all Europe in the same direction. Which will mean MILLLIONS more Muslim refugees. He will NOT stop immigration. At the same time as accepting Palestinian refugees, he will promote crude repression & demonisation which will push ordinary Muslims towards the Islamist extremists. And you can bet your life that he'll be in favour of war on Iran on behalf of Israel.

An 'agnostic' lapsed Christian, whose wife is Jewish, and whose biggest gripe with Islam is that it's anti-gay - and he's "going to save Europe"? Remember that he has ruled out changes to Holland's baby-killing abortion laws and avoided condemning euthanasia. A childless, pro-death politician rescuing a country from the 'demographic winter? It's childishly ridiculous to believe such nonsense!

If the Dutch and the other peoples of the West really want to survive, they need to stop voting for safety valve parties like those headed by Wilders, Meloni, and Farage. In the end, the existential crisis facing the West is not political, but spiritual. Childlessness, mass abortion, LGBTQ attacks on families and children, the anti-human machinations of the WEF elite and their political puppets, creeping Islamisation - these are moral and religious challenges before they are political. The West must return to Christ before it will return to political sanity.

Wilders is not there to 'save' Holland or Europe, but to prod us all further down the road to a 'Clash of Civilisations', aka Civil War all over Western Europe. Who gains from that? The Anglo-Zionist bankers who own the US Dollar Empire, the neocons who want to detonate Europe to stop it teaming up with Russia and China, and the Greater Israel Zionists - the very people who have done so much to promote mass immigration in the first place!

It's good to see the Dutch voting for someone they THINK will save them. But if you really want to see millions of Muslims "going home", the first step is to stop "Western" military might and global corporations destroying and looting their homelands. Starting with Gaza! And if you want to see the nations of Europe - including above all Britain - revive, the first thing our people need to do is to rediscover their own moral compass - starting with Christ!

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