Dublin Public Turn on Lying Press

The Irish political and media elite have wasted no time in moving to exploit last night's serious anti-migrant crime rioting in Dublin. Prime Minister Varadkar took time off from his usual obsession with promoting LGTBQ brainwashing and abortion to threaten the rapid introduction of even more extreme restrictions on freedom of speech on social media.

The brutal stabbing of a group of school-children, allegedly by an Algerian with Irish citizenship, was the spark that led to the widespread disorder, but this response was the result of several years of frustration among working class Dubliners over the flooding of already run-down areas with large numbers of young foreign men, generally of military age, unvetted and with a dismal record for violence and aggression towards women.

The mainstream media have contributed to the tension by consistently covering up many of the problems and regurgitating claims by top politicians that Irish opposition to mass immigration is 'racist', labelling all who complain as 'far-right extremists'.

While last night's outburst of resentment and violence was mainly against criminal immigrants and the politicians who have brought them in to Ireland, there was a strong undertone also of hostility towards the media.

One anguished hack, Reuters reporter Conor Humphries, took to TwitterX to complain: "Lots of journalists physically attacked and threatened in Dublin tonight including myself and my colleagues".

His claims were promptly backed up by a torrent of abuse in the Comments on his post. "Probably because you lot are the enemies of the people", said Steven. "People don't like the narrative controlling and gaslighting around immigration by the media", commented Ramona, who includes #ZeroWEF as her account name.

Laurence Easeman was even more blunt: "Everyone hates you. W*anker".

Anyone who thinks that last night's outburst was a one-off fluke which will not be repeated, is a fool. So too are those out-of-touch politicians who really do seem to think that their new multicult society is a Utopia of peace and love, and that any dissent from that view is the result of "far-right extremists" using social media to wind up ignorant and stupid bigots.

The truth is that the problems of anti-white violence and the innate tendency to criminality of large groups of young men dumped in communities which do not want them will not go away. Even if comment about such issues is banned completely from all social media, facts, rumours and outright lies will still spread in the way they always have done - by word of mouth. And the more concerns about immigration are forced underground, the les warning the police and broader society will have of impending explosions.

The elite move to destroy Ireland and swamp the Irish was begun in earnest much more recently than in most other Western European countries. It hasn't gone anything like as far and the indigenous Irish are still demographically a very much younger population than most of the rest of Europe.

What happened in Dublin last night was thus only a taste of what is yet to come - and no amount of media propaganda or social media censorship will stop it coming!


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