Don't Be Fooled by Tommy!

Speaking from the safety and comfort of his Spanish beach resort, "Tommy Robinson" has just announced the reformation of the English Defence League. The plan of his mega-rich Zionist handlers is for Tommy to wind up naïve Working class English lads to come out on the streets and confront thousands of well-organised, tooled-up and very angry Muslims. All while Tommy himself sits drinking Negroni cocktails on the beach. What a hero!

Of course it's wrong that supporters of either Palestine swarm our streets over their foreign quarrel. And it's also wrong that supporters of Israel use their financial and media clout to push for British involvement on their side of the squabble that has nothing to do with 21st century Britain. But if they want to clash on the streets of Khan's occupied London, and if they want to chase the pathetic, cowardly, bullying Met Police down Oxford Street, the sensible thing for Brits to do is to grab the popcorn.

The fact that there are millions of Muslims in Britain is in large measure the result of decades of work by Zionist and Jewish community lobby groups. If that subversion is now coming back to bite them, it's none of our business.

The bottom line is this: If the Gaza crisis becomes a full-blown war, it could easily get us all blown to pieces. If it doesn't go nuclear, but the Israelis win, millions of angry, anti-Western Palestinians will pour over here as refugees. If, on the other other hand, the Palestinians win, then we'll get millions of angry, anti-Christian Jewish refugees instead. Either would be a disaster for Britain and Europe, so what we really need over there is Peace.

The only way for that to happen is if the Western powers tell the Israelis that they'll get no more military aid until they dismantle their racist, apartheid state and reach a proper and fair settlement with the Palestinians they have oppressed and murdered for a lifetime. What should ordinary Brits do in the meantime? Keep away from any demonstrations, on behalf of either side. Both are completely alien to us. Both are guilty. Both should get the hell OUT of Britain!

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