Desperate Measure Against Knife Crime Hits Our Streets

Liverpool has installed 'stab survival cupboards' to help reverse the rising trend of knife crime-related deaths in the UK, the first initiative of its kind in Britain. 

The red containers hold medical equipment, including scissors, gloves, tourniquets and chest wound sealants, and will be accessible using codes provided by calling 999. 

They are designed to be used by both members of the public who witness stabbings, and emergency services, including paramedics and police officers. 

The first six are being installed across Liverpool's city centre, following the fatal stabbing of 12-year-old Ava White in November 2021. 

She passed away after she was stabbed in the city's centre, moments after a Christmas lights switch-on event. 

20 more are expected to be installed across the North West, while a further 1,500 portable, in the form of smaller bleed kits, have already been handed out to venues, including clubs, bars, pubs and schools, in the region. 
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