A Dam False Flag!

The Crimean dam destruction is a huge false flag, carried out by the Nato/Ukrainian forces.

As a reminder, just a few short months ago Western analysts were saying that, for Russia to blow the Kakhovska dam, would be equivalent to “blowing its own foot off”. They now want you to forget that and just blame Russia while ignoring that:

1. Once the reservoir finishes draining, the river will be much smaller and easier to ford by the AFU.

2. The flooding is forcing the abandonment of Russian defensive positions as well as the destruction of minefields along the River. 

3. The destruction of the Dam means Crimea loses its water access.

The strategic benefits are obvious for Ukraine; up to this point Russia could economise in the Kherson sector, as the wide river with no bridges precluded any serious amphibious assault.

By doing this terrorism, they’ve now created a realistic threat of such once the flood waters recede, which will divert Russian reserves to cover this sector instead of allowing them to be used against the Ukrainian offensive further East.

On top of that, blaming Russia for the attack ramps up the war propaganda to a whole new level. This will aid the continued looting of Western treasuries and arms reserves for the benefit of the Zelensky regime. The big losers in this are truth - and the taxpayers of the West in general, and Great Britain in particular. This is not our war, and all the atrocity propaganda in the arsenal of the BBC, Sky, etc won't change that.

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