Covid vaccine: four dead due to adverse effects in Scotland

According to the latest official data, four people in Scotland have died due to adverse effects of coronavirus vaccines.

A report from National Records of Scotland (NRS) said that by the end of May there had been four deaths where the “underlying cause of death was adverse effects of Covid-19 vaccines”.

The NRS report also said that Scotland’s Covid-19 death rate fell close to its lowest level in May.

The report comes as thousands of Tartan Army fans have been scrambling to get proof of vaccination before tomorrow tonights Wembley showdown with England.

Unlike the Hampden games, English FA chiefs have insisted on full proof of 'Covid protection'.

All supporters are expected to have evidence of two vaccinations or a test done within 48 hours of kick-off.

The move has caused confusion after the Government have confirmed that the 'vaccine' does not offer protection either in the form of immunity or halting the spread of the virus.

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