Cops vs "The Community"

Britain's PC cops often irritate us but, to be fair, officers do have a difficult job to do. Particularly when members of a certain crime-ridden "community" start whining about police harassment. A typical example took place in East London a couple of days ago.

Onlookers yelled at police and accused them of harassment as they stopped and searched a group of "youths" - who were then discovered to be carrying 30cm-long machetes.

The Hackney officers were on the scene on Friday night and suspected the youths may have been involved in or preparing for illegal activity.

But when police stopped the group two members of the public stepped in, believing they were hassling them for no reason.

They shouted at the officers - who were from the Homerton Policing Team - and refused to accept why they had been stopped.

The force took to Twitter to show what they had found and to berate those who tried to interrupt them.

Displaying the two enormous blades in a photograph, officers wrote: 'To the two members of the public who tried to obstruct us whilst we were dealing with a group of youths in Retreat Place E9 tonight, shouting at us & accusing us of harassing the youths, if you tried to listen to us we may have been able to show you what we found.'

Diversity! Don't you just love it?

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