Cheating Angela Has got to Go!

Angela Rayner is facing fresh Tory calls to quit as Labour's deputy leader today as police reopened an investigation into claims she broke election law in connection with her former council house home. 

Greater Manchester Police this morning reversed its decision not to look into where the Ashton-under-Lyme MP was registered to vote in 2015, after an appeal by the Conservatives to take another look.

Claims have been made that she was not registered at her home address as required, and questions have also been raised over whether she mispaid capital gains tax over the 2015 sale of a property in Manchester. 

Ms Rayner has denied any wrongdoing and has been backed by the party.

But Defence Secretary  Grant Shapps accused Ms Rayner of 'double standards' because in January 2022 she called for Boris Johnson to quit as prime minister amid a police investigation into whether he had breached lockdown rules while in No10.

Ms Rayner's post on social media platform X said: 'Boris Johnson's Downing Street is under police investigation, how on earth can he think he can stay on as Prime Minister?' 

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer today declined to say three times whether Ms Rayner should resign if police find that she did break the law. 

In a stony-faced interview with broadcasters he said: 'I am fully confident that Angela Rayner has not broken the rules. She will cooperate with the investigation as you would expect and it is really a matter for the police.' 

It certainly is!

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