CBDC Slavery? No Way!

Central Bank Digital Currency – the final nail in the coffin of freedom! And if Klaus Schwab and the WEF’s puppet regimes in Britain, the USA and the rest of the world get their way, it’s going to be hammered in all too soon.

The globalists’ covid lockdown money printing frenzy has finished off the inflationary debasement of their fiat paper currencies. The world financial system is heading for a full-on meltdown which will see the destruction of middle-class wealth and the radical concentration of assets into the hands of the elite.

On the back of this deliberately created crisis, Schwab & Co. plan to impose the ‘solution’ they’ve wanted all along: Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

The idea is that consumers and producers will transact entirely in virtual currencies that do not physically exist outside of the stored memories of interconnected machines. If replacing sound gold monies with worthless paper was not bad enough, now worthless paper will be replaced with the ephemeral ones and zeroes of computer code. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, once governments and central banks control the creation, distribution, and exchange of virtual money, whatever remains of free markets will disappear. If governments and central banks monitor every transaction between consumers and producers, then all industries and property will be subjugated to the centralised command of the State.

If governments and central banks assert the legal power to determine who may store value, how much value may be personally stored, and how long that value will be permitted to last, then whatever remains of private property will cease to exist.

If governments and central banks maintain a digital monopoly over our money, then they can redistribute wealth or penalise personal behaviour whenever and however they wish. And there will be nothing you or anyone else can do about it.

The surveillance systems and social credit scores that are already pervasive in communist China will invariably become pervasive throughout the supposedly free West, as well. To go against the globalist dogmas on LGBTQ+ rights, ‘racism’ or climate change will mean being ‘cancelled’ and not just from social media but also from the ability to be paid a salary or buy and sell. It will mean being ‘deplatformed’ from every service necessary not just for liberty, but for life itself.

Free markets, free will, free speech, and even free thoughts will be regulated just as easily as central banks regulate each citizen's digital wealth. CBDCs will give Western governments the ultimate monopoly over every life within their dominion.

The funny money of paper currencies has already destroyed most ordinary Westerners' savings, while artificially inflating the prices of stocks and other assets increasingly beyond the reach of most normal people. Now the planned lurch to CBDCs threaten what remains of our personal liberties.

It is time for us all to stand together and resist this monstrous tyranny. Klaus Schwab may desire a future where we are told to be happy owning nothing, but those of us who value liberty know that personal ownership and the unfettered exchange of goods, services and ideas, remain the foundations of individual and national freedom.

Time is short, so we need to ACT! Start by passing on this article, insisting on using cash and telling people exactly why. And get involved with every protest possible. "We are Many, they are Few".


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