Bully Cops Wreck Homeless Tents

The Met police have been forced to apologise after collaborating with Labour-run Camden council to trash the tents of homeless Brits trying to survive the bitter cold of the capital's mean streets.

Footage filmed in north London in November showed binmen wearing hi-vis jackets with Camden council branding appearing to destroy the tents on an evening where temperatures plummeted as low as four degrees.

Anthony Sinclair was arrested for refusing to leave the area and had his belongings and tent thrown away while he was in custody.

Backed by homelessness charity Streets Kitchen and human rights campaign group Liberty, he threatened legal action against the Met Chief on the grounds that dispersal orders shouldn't stop people from accessing their homes.

Chief superintendent Andy Carter, who is responsible for policing in Camden, said they will be meeting Mr Sinclair to apologise in person, and his officers will receive 'legal training' to ensure it 'does not happen again'.

The Met Police has apologised for a crackdown which saw homeless tents thrown into bin trucks, with Sir Mark Rowley admitting the force had acted 'unlawfully'.

A letter from the force's lawyers admitted it was wrong for unlawfully ordering homeless people to move from outside of a hospital in an incident which saw several of their tents destroyed. 

The shocking footage of homeless tents being thrown into the back of a rubbish truck came just days after former Home Secretary Suella Braverman spoke of wanting to stop the 'nuisance and distress' caused by rough sleepers pitching temporary shelters.

Of course, rough sleepers do 'lower the tone' of an area. But whose fault is that - the people without homes, or the people who gave their homes to asylum-seekers?

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