Bloody Sunday: No further charges against our troops

The Public Prosecution Service has stuck to its original decision to bring charges against no more than one soldier in relation to Bloody Sunday.

It followed a review of the cases of 15 veterans, who it determined there should be no action against last year.

Thirteen people were killed and 15 were wounded when the Army opened fire on civil rights demonstrators in Londonderry in January 1972.

One man, Soldier F, remains the sole individual facing court.

The reviews were requested by the families of some of the victims.

Their solicitors say they are likely to challenge the outcome by way of a judicial review.

No new evidence was submitted for the reviews and solicitors for the families sent detailed submissions to the PPS setting out why they believed the decisions were wrong.

They believe about 10 other soldiers should be facing prosecution for murder and attempted murder.

The PPS said the reviews were undertaken by its senior assistant director, Marianne O'Kane, who was not previously involved in the cases.

She looked at the deaths of 10 victims who died on Bloody Sunday, as well as 10 others wounded.

"I have concluded that the available evidence is insufficient to provide a reasonable prospect of conviction of any of the 15 soldiers who were the subjects of the reviews," she said.

"Accordingly, the decisions not to prosecute these 15 individuals all stand."

DUP MP Gregory Campbell said he was not surprised by the PPS decision. He also questioned the potential cost of a judicial review.

"Is that going to mean further trauma and delay for all of those involved?" he asked.

"What is the outcome going to be?

"I think more and more people will be saying how much further is this going to go on, because there are families today across Northern Ireland who are still grieving."


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