BBC Proms Insult to All Licence-Payers

The Proms musical series has been held every year in London since 1895. A bastion of British high culture, it has been organised and broadcast by the BBC since 1927. In recent years, therefore, it's been no surprise that the ever-more manically anti-British Broadcasting Corporation has been using the Proms for increasingly blatant attacks on British tradition and culture.

Proms concerts in the Royal Albert Hall in particular have been turned into preachy, woke cartoon versions of the original thing, with the waving of masses of European flags being a special low point.

This year, however, the BBC is going even lower. Sam Smith has been announced to perform at the Proms this year, with Bee executives mockingly claiming that their show featuring this increasingly disturbed homosexual will be 'entirely appropriate for the festival'.

The singer, 31, has put on a series of controversial shows in recent years and is often seen wearing risqué and sexualised outfits on stage.

Smith announced he thinks he is 'non-binary' in 2019 and asked people to use they/them pronouns when being referred to him. 

He is now to headline a BBC Prom concert this year on August 2 in an expansion of the pop programme.

His 2023 raunchy BRITs performance garnered over 100 Ofcom complaints over 'devil worship' and a passionate homosexual kiss. 

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