BBC Cranks See Racists Under the Bushes!

"Waterproof prayer mats for Muslim hikers, signs pointing towards Mecca on a Derbyshire tail and an outdoor activity centre where instructors speak Urdu and Pashtu and Halal food is on the menu".

These are among the things which veteran BBC leftist John Craven says are among "recent moves to make minorities feel more at home."

The BBC Countryfile presenter John Craven claims there is "disturbing evidence of racism in the countryside".

Mr Craven, 83, says that while many white people would insist there is 'no racial prejudice' in rural areas, academics looking into the issue point out bigotry can come across in 'mundane' ways.

They cite staring, silence, laughter, or 'mutterings' as instances where people of colour are made to feel unwelcome when they visit the countryside.

Writing in BBC Countryfile magazine, the BBC broadcaster said: 'According to official figures, 16 per cent of the UK population is from ethnic minority backgrounds. So what is it about rural Britain that puts so many of them off?

The claims come after a controversial report in February by the Wildlife and Countryside Link, a group with 80 members, claiming the countryside is a 'racist, colonial' white space.

The report is a response to a call for evidence on the links between racism and climate change.

Meanwhile, a research team from Leicester University are aiming to find the 'true extent of rural racism' by carrying out a two-year survey.

Researchers will question people from all races who live or spend time in rural spaces about their experiences.

Having spoken to academic Dr Viji Kuppan, a member of the team, Mr Craven said: 'Some of the results so far are disturbing.

'He tells me about two women who live in rural areas, one brown and one black.

'Both were subjected to racist taunts, spat on in one instance and weapons with intent to harm produced in another - very stark incidents of racial and engendered hostility.'

'Dr Kuppan adds: "There are also subtler moments of 'unconscious racism' in the countryside that aren't wilful but are still difficult to be on the receiving end of.

'''On a field trip to a National Trust property with a white colleague, it was striking how many of the white people we encountered would acknowledge her but not me".

'Of course, many white voices would insist there is no racial prejudice in the green acres - that, at worst, there might be curiosity about someone from a different ethnic background.

'Dr Kuppan points out that racism can be communicated in mundane ways - through stares, avoidance, silence, laughter, gestures, or mutterings when people of colour appear in rural places.

The BFP would put things a bit differently. Unlike the taxpayer-funded BBC, we ask: What is it about so many of our big cities that puts native, white Brits off going THERE? And why should we be forced to pay to be lectured, insulted and denied our own spaces by a bunch of ageing anti-white bigots?

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