BBC Buries Easter!

The anti-British, anti-Christian BBC is trying to BURY Easter! This is Holy Week, the most important seven days in the Christian year, but you would not know it from our national broadcaster.

On Good Friday, the day that marks the Crucifixion, BBC One will be showing Wallace and Gromit's Were-Rabbit adventure and a 2021 American comedy, Ghostbusters: Afterlife. That will be followed by some drama about a clairvoyant. If you suspect the woke, atheist, BBC is laughing at belief in eternal life, you might not be wrong.

By the time we get to Easter Sunday, the BBC will have regaled viewers with stories of Muslim aunties in Bradford and a rapper named Big Zuu, but the story of the betrayal, torture, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ will go untold.

When it comes to religious festivals, Muslim Ramadan gets far more attention from the Bee than Easter does. Why is that? Is it because the BBC is full of Muslims? No. The BBC is full of Communists, atheists and Jews who hate Christ and Christianity. They simply use Islam and Muslims as battering rams against Christianity and traditional British society. So don't blame the Muslims, because they're only pawns in this 'game'.

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