Bacon Locked Away as Inflation Bites

Inflation and poverty are really starting to bite. A Tesco store has locked its bacon, sausages and ribs in a fridge to prevent theft amid a surge of shoplifting prompted by the cost of living crisis. 

The sign, shared on Twitter by local site @SE1, had been stuck on the chilled meat section of a Tesco Express on Tower Bridge Road in Southwark, central London.  It read: 'To protect stock and availability this door is locked. Please ask a member of staff for assistance.'

Other supermarkets are also ramping up security, with tags found on items including milk, cheese and eggs

Harry Wallop, a consumer journalist, shared a photo from his local Aldi store last week which revealed customers now have to ask staff to pick up steaks for them from the stock room. "I've seen security tags on high value products in supermarkets – but never this. Grim times," he tweeted. 

Shoplifting increased by 18 per cent in the year to the end of June compared with the previous 12-month period, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Grocery price inflation also hit a record 14.7 per cent last month, adding an extra £682 to the average annual shopping bill. The ONS also revealed households are now paying 90 per cent more for gas, electricity and other fuels.

We are all now feeling the impact of the crazy and destructive policies of the political elite. Their Covid lockdown hysteria and vaccination tyranny is only part of it, and the debts pile up over this are still growing even now. On top of that there is the ruinously expensive cost of their insane 'war on carbon'. And now we have the added burden of their aid for the deeply unpleasant and corrupt regime in Kiev, and of course their handouts for the dross of the Third World pouring through our beaches, ports and airports. No wonder prices and taxes are going through the roof!

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