At Last! A Glimpse of Energy Sense

With the Government committed to achieving net-zero electricity by 2035, the Tories aren't quite as mad as Labour, who have pledged to achieve energy suicide by 2030. And, now, in a rare sign of common sense over energy policy, the Conservatives have finally got something right!

Ministers will today unveil plans for a new generation of gas-fired power stations to avert the 'genuine prospect of blackouts' in the dash for net zero.

Energy Secretary Claire Coutinho will say Britain needs to be 'realistic', and insist new gas plants are needed to keep the lights on when output from renewable sources dips.

'Without gas backing up renewables, we face the genuine prospect of blackouts,' she will say. 'Other countries in recent years have been so threatened by supply constraints that they have been forced back to coal.

'There are no easy solutions in energy, only trade-offs.

'If countries are forced to choose between clean energy and keeping citizens safe and warm, believe me they'll choose to keep the lights on. We will not let ourselves be put in that position. And so, as we continue to move towards clean energy, we must be realistic.'

Britain has 32 gas-fired power stations. The new plants are needed to replace those due to go out of service.

It isn't all good news. Vast amounts of taxpayers' money will be wasted to give the new plants the ability to take part in so-called carbon capture and storage schemes in the future. This 'technology' is nothing more than a scam to transfer money from taxpayers and power users to the hands of the green-industrial lobby.

Still, at least the presence of gas plants will stop the country grinding to a shivering halt every time cold and still winter weather stops solar and wind power working. It's just unfortunate that, having cut Britain off from cheap Russian gas, the Tories have doomed us to buying ultra-expensive liquified natural gas from the USA and Qatar. No doubt a few well-place individuals will be getting a nice little kickback for that particular piece of energy madness!

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