Army Chief Aims to Sign Up Students

Calls for full conscription have gone down like lead balloons, so now the military and political elite are working on a 'softly. softly. approach to lure young Brits into uniform and their insane foreign wars.

Students could be paid to take part in a month-long military boot camp on their gap year or before heading to university under plans proposed by a military chief to build up a 'citizen army'.

Outgoing Chief of the General Staff General Sir Patrick Sanders - who last week called for a "Citizen's Army of 18-60-year-olds - has suggested the idea of a course over the summer holidays which gives young adults a taste of serving in the military.

The proposal is in hopes that those on the course will then join up as Army reservists, which could help prepare the country for the war the elite have planned.

Defence Secretary Grant Shapps has powers to recall former members of the armed forces in the case of a 'great emergency' or times where the nation is at risk under a policy called 'reserve liability'. Serving in uniform for even just a few weeks would full-on call-up automatic in the event of war.

Our advice to young Brits is simple: Remember that this is the political elite which has turned you into foreigners in your own country. They have thrown white, heterosexual males on the scrapheap. The only time they are interested in you is for paying taxes and fighting and dying in their wars. Tell them exactly where to go!


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