Annecy Terror Attack - the Bitter Truth

Little children lie critically ill in hospital and France reels from yet another Islamist terror attack. Brave passers-by tackled the alleged knifeman to the ground, showing once again that ordinary people still have courage and common sense.

If only the same could be said for our political elite! Because, if the attacker is indeed a Syrian refugee, then they are to blame for this atrocity too. Why? Because Syria was reduced to chaos by the West's weaponising of Islamism and arming of whole armies of 'moderate rebels' in Syria.

Murdering civilians, including little children, was exactly what those 'moderate rebels' did in Syria. It was all too inevitable that, when they lost the war and started heading West, their throat-cutting brutality and Islamist hatred would claim victims here as well. It's called 'blowback'.

In Manchester, it was a 'moderate rebel' from Libya who blew up the Arena, after David Cameron and the UK political and intelligence elite used him and his fellow Jihadis to overthrow Gaddafi. It's what these creatures do, but don't just blame them, blame the politicians who would them up and then let them come here.

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