"Five More Birminghams" - UK Immigration Madness

lmmigrants will account for 92 per cent of Britain's population explosion in the coming years. The resulting population increase means 'five cities the size of Birmingham'. 

New data from the Office for National Statistics indicates that higher-than-expected immigration figures are set to see the numbers living in the UK grow by 6.6 million to 73.7 million by 2036.

According to the projections, net migration will hit 315,000 a year from 2028 onwards. That, as it happens, will only happen if immigration DROPS by some 200,000 from the current annual figures, so the real figure is likely to be even worse!

A think-tank has warned the projections further illustrated the Government's inability to get a grip of migration and would only fuel the housing crisis. Karl Williams, Centre for Policy Studies research director, said: 'For decades, we have failed to build enough new homes to meet demand from those already living in the UK and record net migration has only exacerbated the problem.'

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