11,000 illegal immigrants have crossed the Channel into Britain this year

The number of people crossing the Channel to reach Britain this year has passed 11,000, figures reveal.

Analysis of Ministry of Defence data by the PA news agency shows 11,092 people have been brought to shore by Border Force or the RNLI after being rescued from small boats in the Channel, the world’s busiest shipping lane.

On Thursday, 146 people on four small boats were brought to Britain.

On Tuesday this week, 444 made it into the country illegally. That was the highest number since 562 on 14th April

With 13 days of June left to go the number of people crossing the Channel is almost double this time last year.

By the end of June 2021, 5,911 people had made the crossing so far that year.

PA analysis shows 341 boats have been used in Channel crossings so far this year, with an average of 32 people on board each one.


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