Your Taxes Fund Woke Revolution

Senior civil servants are being promised bonuses in return for heading up 'woke' diversity and inclusion programmes, it emerged yesterday.

An official leaked document revealed that senior civil servants (SCS) can only obtain the highest scores for 'performance management' if they are able to 'demonstrate that they have made a significant corporate contribution' beyond their core roles.

It adds that 'this includes work at the cross-government functional level, for example involving leadership of functional initiative on capability building or diversity and inclusion.' Bureaucrat-speak for this woke poison is "equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) activities".

The guidelines, issued in April mean SCSs working on a particular set of policies, such as migration, would have to carry out work outside their Home Office directorate in order to be scored as 'exceeding' in their performance reviews.

These reviews determine whether they receive annual bonuses. Senior civil servants are increasingly being judged on their willingness to promote social justice rather than the ability to do their job.

A recent study by the think-tank Conservative Way Forward estimates that there at least 10,000 state employees whose work involves the promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion, with a total bill for the taxpayer of more than £557 million. The problem has got much worse since the Conservatives came to power in 2010.

In Whitehall alone, it is estimated that £12 million a year is spent on 255 diversity and inclusion civil servants. The Department for Work and Pensions employs 30 of them, the Home Office 23 and the Department for Transport 11; another 11 are based in a central unit for the entire civil service.

No part of the state machine is free from this sort of officialdom. HM Revenue and Customs is reported to have 23 diversity officers, costing the taxpayer £1.4 million a year.

Local government, which continually wails about cash shortages, is said to have 794 equality, diversity and inclusion staff employed at a cost of £30 million, including 40 at Leicestershire County Council and 13 at Manchester City Council.

The police spend £10 million a year on equality staff, with each force employing around five such parasites. The Bank of England has 11 full-time diversity staff, costing £650,000, and the Crown Prosecution Service has 21 — with a bill to the taxpayer of £945,000.

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