Would Britain vote for Brexit now?

It's six years since we voted for Brexit. 17,410,742 of us voted to leave and 16,141,241 to remain, a margin of 1,269,501 votes. But what would happen if the vote was re-run today? Some people have changed their minds. Some Leave voters have been dismayed by the spiteful actions of EU states making the lives of expats and holiday makers harder as a way of punishing us for Brexit. But some Remainers have looked at the same thing and now say they wouldn't want to get back in bed with such bullies.

But far more important than some people changing their minds has been the extent to which the people themselves have changed. The demographic change since 2016 is staggering.

Despite Tory pledges to "take control of our borders", net migration is running at 500,000 every year.    But to get that net figure, the number of people leaving the UK is subtracted from the number coming in. Emigration hovers around 500k every year, so the real annual immigration figure is 1 million. And that's only the LEGAL ones. No-one has any idea of how many illegals come in each year, but it's so easy to enter as a tourist and simply not leave that the figure must be huge.

Some of those leaving each year are foreigners going home, but a huge number are indigenous Brits emigrating retiring abroad. Because it's so hard to tell, let's be conservative and say that the number leaving is split down the middle, in which case its impact on our ethnic make-up would be minimal.

But what is certain is that just under 600,000 die in the UK every year. And that the vast majority - around half a million - are native Brit boomers. So, every year, one million non-Brits are added to the electorate. They automatically have no deep affinity for Britain and will look on restrictions with our relationship with Europe as highly inconvenient. At the same time, 500,000 elderly Brits - who were overwhelmingly pro-Brexit, die. 

They are replaced by about 600,000 births each year, but as those children grow up and become voters, approaching half of them are of foreign descent while even the real Brits are heavily indoctrinated and overwhelmingly pro-EU. 

All this means that the demographic shift from Brexit to Remain is between 1.5 – 2 million every year.  So it's already about 10 million. Assuming the same 72% turnout as last time, that means there's already been a shift to Remain-inclined voters of well over 7 million. The 1.2 million Leave majority of 2016 would be swept away and swamped.

This doesn't mean that the political elite will re-run the vote any time soon. They got such a horrible shock last time that they are still scared of the British electorate, and with the EU heading for de-industrialisation and a swamping wave of at least 10 million Ukrainians, rejoining the Brussels circus isn't going to be attractive. But it does all show the frightening speed at which we are being replaced in our own country. Anyone who thinks it's an accident is as mad as the people doing this to our poor country!  

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