Woke Argos bans 'two-man delivery' term after complaints from shoppers

Argos have gone Woke and axed the term 'two-man delivery' after customers made complaints over claims of sexism.

The phrase has been scrapped by the catalogue shop after criticism over wording.

The high street chain will now have switched the term to "people" instead.

This comes after complaints were made to the chain on social media by shoppers.

One said: “I noticed in one of your stores your ad was sexist – 2 man delivery. Hopefully moving forward you’ll change this to 2 person delivery.”

Another said: “Can you explain why you put up a ‘2 Man Delivery’ sign in your brand new Lewisham shop? Do you only hire men to deliver heavy goods? It’s a very outdated and insensitive phrase.”

An Argos spokesperson said: “We updated our wording earlier this year to ensure we reflect the diverse communities we serve and colleagues we work with.”

In the FAQ section of their website, they now use the phrase "2 people" for the delivery for large items.

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