Who will be our next Prime Minister?

Now Boris is OUT, who will be the next UK Prime Minister?

Here are some of the Tories ready to fight dirty to claw their way to the top:


(Pictured below with wife)

Sunak is an Indian billionaire, heavily invested in Big-Pharma who recently was exposed for a multi-million pound tax scandal involving his wife ‘abusing’ her foreign status to avoid paying millions in UK taxes.



(Pictured below with Sadiq Khan at 'Pride' march)

Mordaunt is a dedicated supporter of abortion and LGBTQ+ who has insisted “trans women are women”



(Pictured below at Mosque)

Javid is a Pakistani, Muslim, Remainer who imposed mandatory experimental Covid vaccinations on Care and NHS staff, despite having said doing so would be “unethical”.



(Pictured below campaigning for Remain)

Truss is Pro Abortion, a Remainer, and has sought to be hailed the next ‘iron lady’ by threatening Russia.



(Pictured below with headline re. child vaccination)

Zahawi is an Iraqi immigrant turned multi-millionaire who was instrumental in the rollout of mandatory experimental Covid vaccinations, despite claiming to have “no plans to introduce vaccine passports”


No matter who we end up with, whether it be a Pakistani Muslim, an Indian Billionaire or a Remainer Feminist...

Us 'normal people' will continue to SUFFER.

The Elitist Politicians on both the Left and the Right care ONLY bout themselves and lining their own pockets.

So WE must hold them to account!

We are developing a way for us to provide a platform so that YOU can have your say!

A way for you to demand BETTER from these corrupt, self-serving politicians.

Will you help us build this platform?

The British Freedom Party was launched to HELP our people.

We want to give the decent, hard-working people of Britain a voice against the powerful, devious Elite!

Please support our campaign to let OUR people be heard!

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