Whitty Comes Clean - a Bit

Chris Whitty earned our undying hatred for his key role in imposing the Covid plague hoax, lockdowns and vaxx mandates on the British people. But now the Covid criminal has at least been forced to admit that we 'deniers' were right from the very start when we warned that lockdowns would lead to a long surge in deaths from undiagnosed and late-treated heart disease, cancer and other killers.

From the Daily Mail:

"Britain will face a 'prolonged period' of deaths due to the pandemic — but not from the Covid virus itself, Sir Chris Whitty and the Government's top virus advisers said today. England's chief medial officer claimed the nation faces a rising death toll from heart disease and cancer cases due to pleas to protect the NHS.

Knock-on effects of dealing with Covid, which saw thousands of routine treatments and appointments delayed, will also fuel a surge in excess deaths.

Hundreds more Britons than expected are currently dying each week, despite the worst of the pandemic being over. Experts say the collateral effects of Covid on treating cancer are to blame for a big proportion of those.

Cancer checks effectively ground to a halt during the pandemic and patients faced delays for treatment as oncologists were put on Covid wards and patients were told to stay at home to protect the NHS."

The admissions come in a 'technical report' published on the pandemic, advising health chiefs in the future on how to deal with similarly disruptive viral threats. The report is co-authored by Patrick Vallance who, with Whitty, became a household name during the pandemic, appearing next to then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson during tense Downing St briefings to talk the nation through the crisis.

Meanwhile, the never-ending crisis in urgent care is also contributing to an uptick in heart disease deaths, other leading voices have claimed. Some 30,000 people have died needlessly from heart problems since the start of the pandemic, the British Heart Foundation estimates.

The report also touched on the controversial policy on discharging potential Covid positive residents into care homes during the pandemic.

Campaigners have stated the decision played a role in the deaths of thousands of elderly Britons.

The report itself continues: 'There is little doubt that delays in presentation, reductions in secondary prevention (such as statins and antihypertensives), postponement of elective and semi-elective care and screening will have led to later and more severe presentation of non-Covid illness,' they wrote.

'The combined effect of this will likely lead to a prolonged period of non-Covid excess mortality and morbidity after the worst period of the pandemic is over.'

The Comments on the Mail article provide an insight into just how angry people are over all this. And, on top of the deaths from cancer, heart disease and other diseases which Whitty and Valence now admit their lockdown mania unleashed, there is the fatal problem they STILL refuse to talk about: The epidemic of 'Died Suddenly' cases caused by adverse reactions to their experimental vaccines and the decision to force it on the entire population, instead of making it available to the minority of very sick, old or obese individuals who were actually at serious risk from their rebranded flu.

These criminals may be admitting part of their guilt, but that shouldn't be allowed to cover up the full extent of their crimes against the British people.


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