Whistleblower Slams Trans 'Care'

The capture of healthcare professionals by radical transgender ideology has harmed gender-confused children, a former Tavistock medic has said.

Speaking on The Brendan O’Neill Show, Dr Marcus Evans explained the trans-affirming model has “absolutely undermined” clinical and medical practice.

The former governor at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust resigned in 2019 in protest over the “inadequate” care of youngsters at its notorious Gender Identity Development Service.

Dr Evans said: “The desire to transition comes from what I call an ‘overvalued’ belief. That’s when your entire way of thinking is orientated around one particular conviction.

“It doesn’t mean that you’re completely out of touch with reality. But it does mean that reality no longer really counts.”

He argued that the “politicised culture around the trans issue” had stopped clinicians from doing their job of challenging unhelpful thinking in gender-confused children.

He concluded: “These beliefs, on which gender-affirming care relies, are deeply regressive. That’s why exposing them to external scrutiny, as the Cass Review did, has been so important.”

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