While All Eyes Are On Dover.......

Brits are rightly angry at the number of illegal migrants being ferried into Dover every day by the very people who are supposed to protect our borders.  On top of the security risks posed by the invasion of thousands of unvetted military-aged males, the cost to taxpayers is eye-watering. The asylum system cost £3.97billion in 2022-23, up from £2.12billion in the previous financial year and 'only' £500million a decade ago. More than £6million is spent each day putting migrants up in hotels.

But new Home Office figures just out show that more than a million visas were handed out to foreign workers and students over the last year alone. It makes us wonder why some immigrants even bother paying people trafficking gangs thousands of pounds to cross the Channel on small boats, when so many others just pay the visa fee and come by passenger jet?

While so much attention has been on Dover and asylum-seekers, there's a daily invasion through airport immigration 'control' of around FIFTY TIMES as many. Posing as 'students' is a far easier way to get in than pretending to be persecuted asylum-seekers. And, however they get here, most promptly vanish into the black economy. Even those with work permits often prefer not to pay taxes so just disappear once safely here.

With an election just around the corner, the Tories are once again talking about getting tough on immigration. Just how many times have we heard that one? Does ANYONE still believe their lies and empty promises?

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