Vaccine Passports forced on English this month

Vaccine Passports in nightclubs and other indoor venues in England will be required at the end of this month.

The Vaccines Minister, Nadhim Zahawi said it was the 'right time' to start the scheme for sites with large crowds as 'all over-18s will have been offered two jabs by then.'

Zahawi has been slammed for this apparent and shameless u-turn, after having given assurances that Vaccine Passports would never be imposed on the people of Britain. 

Asking people to show certificates with Covid vaccination proof has been criticised by venues and some MPs.

Zahawi said it would ensure the economy could remain open.

"The best way we can keep those industries open in my view, in our view, is to work with the industry," he told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show.

The vaccines minister said: "One thing that we have learnt is that in large gatherings of people, especially indoors, the virus tends to spike and spread."

Mr Zahawi also indicated the government's plans to offer a Covid booster jab to most vulnerable people - including all over-50s - could get the go-ahead this month.

And he said extending the vaccine rollout to all 12-15 year-olds would "absolutely" be the right thing to do if the UK's chief medical officers recommended it.

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