Unhappy Britain - They've Ruined Our Lives!

Uzbekistan is the only nation more miserable than Britain. Meanwhile, the impoverished Dominican Republic tops the world wellbeing charts, a 'worrying' global report has found. 

The UK only ranked 70th out of 71 countries in terms of mood, outlook on life and self-esteem in 2023, scoring only 49 on the mental wellbeing score when the global average was 65.

Impoverished African and Latin American countries scored highest, with the Dominican Republic ranking first and Tanzania third.

Researchers at US-based think tank Sapien Labs said the pandemic saw mental health plummet in the Western world and there is no sign of recovery five years on.

They have linked the lower mental wellbeing scores in affluent countries to multiple factors, including addiction to mobile phones, fast food consumption, the erosion of friendships and the family unit, plus the rise in working from home.

We would add: The destructive effect of many liberal obsessions - including mass immigration, feminism and LGBTQ mania. Perhaps most important of all, the nations of the Third World are overwhelmingly religious, with Christian ones in particular ranking among the very happy countries. The West, by contrast, has thrown away its faith in God, and in doing so, has thrown away its greatest source of happiness.

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