Unelected Leftist Lords vs Britain

Unelected leftist 'Lords' are plotting to derail even the Tories' feeble effort to stop illegal migration to Britain. The government's Rwanda Bill is, if truth be told, not much more than a sticking plaster, but at least the plan might deter a few of the million foreigners who come to live in the UK every year. But Labour and LibDem peers don't want even such limited controls - they just want to wedge the floodgates fully open.

The House of Lords backed a motion to kick the treaty with the African nation into the long grass by 214 votes to 171. The move to block deportations of failed illegal immigrants to Rwanda was led by former Labour Attorney-General Baron Peter Goldsmith and LibDem peer Alex Carlile.

Both men are the descendants of Jewish families to whom the British people gave sanctuary from alleged persecution in eastern Europe. You may think it's a strange way to repay Britain's kindness.

The pro-asylum majority in the Lords aim also to take an axe to the other element of the package - the Safety of Rwanda Bill - when it is debated next week. This is a blatant push to frustrate the will of the British people, whose overwhelming opposition to continued mass immigration is demonstrated by every single opinion poll, as well as by the 17 million votes for Brexit and to "regain control of our borders".

It all just goes to show that any idea that there is an electoral solution to the migration shambles is a bad joke. Britain is being invaded, and the ruling elite are collaborating with the invasion. We all know where it will end, so surely it's time to do something about it?

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