TV Presenter Laura Hamilton rushed to A&E after reaction to Covid-19 vaccine

A Place In The Sun's Laura Hamilton has been rushed to hospital after having a reaction to her second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The 39 year old TV presenter shared a picture while in A&E with a face mask on as she waited to be seen by a medical professional.

She wrote over the image: 'was supposed to be @corinthialondon for a Breast Cancer Afternoon Tea... instead I'm in A&E after a reaction to the second covid jab!'

Laura Hamilton suffers from immune deficiency disease immune thrombocytopenic purpura, and after developing blood spots following the vaccine she was urged to go to hospital.
Following a number of tests, she was given the all clear by NHS staff.
Ms Hamilton is one of a growing number of vaccine recipients to require hospital treatment after suffering negative after effects of the jab.
There have also been a number of deaths attributed to the vaccine, including that of BBC presenter Lisa Shaw.
The UK vaccine rollout has given 40.3million people across the UK their first dose and 27.9million both jabs, meaning half of all adults are already 'fully vaccinated'. 
Officials have confirmed that, despite the term 'vaccine' having been used, the jab being distributed to the UK population neither prevents the contraction or spreading of the Covid 19 virus.
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