Tory MP caught 'watching porn on phone in Commons' under investigation

The Conservative Party's chief whip is investigating reports that a senior Tory MP was caught watching pornography on his phone in the Commons chamber.

The Tory party's whips office said "the chief whip is looking into this matter. This behaviour is wholly unacceptable and action will be taken.” in a statement released on Wednesday.

Female Tory MPs met Chris Heaton-Harris on Monday night, with one alleging that a male colleague was watching pornography next to them in the House of Commons.

It is understood the accusation was made during a meeting of the 2022 - the female grouping of the 1922 group of Conservative backbench MPs.

Those also in attendance at the meeting included Tory party chairman Oliver Dowden, Commons Leader Mark Spencer and former prime minister Theresa May.

The meeting came amid reports that 56 MPs, including three Cabinet ministers, are facing allegations of sexual misconduct referred to the Independent Complaints and Grievances Scheme (ICGS).

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