Tony Blair: Joe Biden Can Unite the World

The war criminal Tony Blair is at it again. And the left dare to criticize President Trump for "interring" in a foreign counties politics.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair rejoiced Thursday at the prospect of Joe Biden gaining the White House, championing his fellow globalist as just the person to unite the world while waving any doubts he will take office.

Britain hosts the global COP26 climate conference next year and an enthused Blair said climate change would be the international community’s number one priority for the new U.S. administration under Biden if, as the mainstream media predicts, he is sworn in as president in January.

In an interview on CNN, the leftist former leader also said the world would be “two or three months ahead” on coronavirus if there had been greater global co-operation at the start of the pandemic, repeating an assertion he made earlier this year that dismissed Donald Trump’s efforts on the viral outbreak.

“On climate change, you have got the Glasgow conference coming up [next] November,” he said. “That is going to be an enormous opportunity for the Biden administration to play a very strong part, with the UK.

“Those are two issues upon which the UK and the U.S. can make sure that their relationship is strong, to the advantage of the world.”

Trump has not conceded defeat and continues to challenge the legitimacy of postal ballots that put the Democrat challenger ahead.

Blair has no issue with the assumed Biden ascendancy, saying “the world is certainly reacting as if the election result is very clear — and it seems to be.”

The former Labour leader was a key ally of U.S. President George W. Bush and under their joint, respective leadership the U.K. was part of the U.S.-led coalition that took their “war on terror” to Afghanistan and Iraq.

More recently Blair has worked hard to keep his voice heard in global politics, offering advice from the sidelines on everything from Brexit to Middle East diplomacy, global governance, the European Union and U.S. politics.

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