Tommy Robinson's Spooks Exposed

We've been warning people for years that Tommy Robinson was up to his ears in dodgy connections with anti-British Zionists and the UK's intelligence services. And a lot more about this has just come out. 

The Guardian has just carried a plug for a new book put out by Nick Lowles, chief executive of HopenotHATE. We've got no time for Lowles, who has moved from being a far-left scumbag to being an integral part of the liberal state's security services - and is still a scumbag. But much of what he reveals about 'Robinson' in his new book is clearly true.   

This includes the fact that a notorious former MI5 informant linked to a series of terrorist murders is working for far-right activist Robison to spy on his opponents, including some of the UK’s most prominent anti-fascists. Lowles avoids going into the way in which he has also been monitoring right-wing activists on behalf of MI5.

Peter Keeley (pictured), who operated as a mole in the IRA for the UK security services under the name Kevin Fulton, has been working for the former leader of the English Defence League as “surveillance officer” since 2020, covertly following and recording people of interest.

Under the Fulton pseudonym, Keeley spent more than a decade inside the IRA for British intelligence, first as a bomb maker and then as part of its infamous internal security team, rising through the terrorist group ranks to become one of MI5’s most important informants within the paramilitary organisation. Keeley has subsequently admitted he targeted and bombed for the cause, allegedly often with the prior knowledge of his British handlers.

In his new book, Tommy, which is published this Monday, Lowles reveals that in early 2020, Keeley became part of Robinson’s team, gathering information against alleged child sex offenders in Telford, Shropshire.

According to Lowles, the former MI5 agent was brought into the project by Richard Inman, a former soldier who was allegedly a member of a special unit in Northern Ireland. Inman was one of the leaders of Veterans Against Terrorism, an anti-Islam group that emerged after the 2017 terrorist attacks and after Robinson’s Islamophobic EDL had disbanded.

The involvement of two such major figures from the phony war that the British state fought and deliberately lost in Northern Ireland tells us very clearly that Robinson is being used to monitor and control the British 'right'. All those who work with him are thus automatically suspect too.

If you want to know more about Robinson's dodgy origins and activities, you can do so without giving slime-bag Lowles a penny. More than ten years ago, Nick Griffin wrote the definitive exposure, and you can find it at this link:

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