Three storey Mosque with built in Mortuary opens in Maidstone

Kent county's first mosque to have its own mortuary has opened to the public.

A three-storey Mosque with a built in Mortuary has opened on Mote Road, Maidstone.

The new Mosque has opened five years after initial plans were first approved.

The old premises were demolished in 2018 but the project has faced many setbacks since plans were first approved in 2016.

The three-storey building is on the same site as the previous place of worship, in Mote Road.

In 2017, opposition protests against the ‘mega mosque’ lead by Jayda Fransen took place outside the building.

The BFP Leader was jailed shortly after for exposing a gang of Afghan rapists in the seaside town of Ramsgate, also in Kent.

Demonstrations were followed by a halt in construction due to a new planning application last July, which replaced plans for shops with a mortuary and a lift.

This April, works for the mosque and community centre needed more funding due to the latest design changes and extra expenses which led the initial £1m budget to rise to £1.2m.

The modern upgrade was officially opened by Helen Grant MP and Maidstone’s Imam, Dr Muhammad Usmani, on Saturday, August 28.

Dr Usmani, the mosques Imam stated that despite the ‘incredibly rough path’ to achieve the outcome, he could not be happier or more excited.

He added: “The entire community will benefit from it. Visitors can learn a lot either about the mosque itself or learn about Muslim worship practices.

"Children will benefit a lot with our youth programmes.”

Dr Usmani also defended the importance of having a mortuary as part of the centre’s core faith facilities.

Usmani said the morgue is a basic need for the Muslim community and for Islamic burial and ritual.

The mosque has classrooms, library, offices, kitchen and a flat, as well as a mortuary.




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